Fall is here

So that means that Halloween is right around the corner! I started decorating with silk flowers this year for the holidays.  I made up three bunches (purchased at JoAnns), wrapped the stems in ribbon, and plunked them into a jar.  I’ll take a few pictures and add them soon.  And it is time to start decorating for Halloween soon.  I can’t wait! What are your Halloween decorating plans? I’m always looking for good ideas, so feel free to comment!


2 responses to “Fall is here

  1. Halloween Decorations? I don’t actually decorate my home since I get no trick or treaters way out in the hinterland like I am. But I do make decorations and put them out at various places over the Halloween holiday.

    Tombstones are always easy and can be fun. Foam melts nicely, so you can carve whatever epitaph you like in a foam board with a solder gun or wood burner. Carve it into a tombstone shape with either a hot knife or a just a good sharp blade.

    Monster Mud lets you make all sorts of things if you’re interested. Take five parts joint compound and one part latex paint and you can cover just about anything and make it look like stone. Fabric works well, so you can make endless scary statues out of the stuff.

    And a plastic skeleton, a roll of Viva paper towels and some liquid latex will give you a realistic corpse in no time.

    Okay, so I go a little nuts over Halloween… Even if I don’t decorate my own home.

  2. Thanks for your comment! These are great ideas that I’ll share with my friend who is *really* into decorating for Halloween…much more so than I. 🙂 Have a good day!

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