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Taking down the Christmas decorations

Well, it’s a little sad, but I’m taking down the Christmas decorations.  The tree will probably come down next weekend…I’m just focusing on all the “extras”.  It’s funny.  Last year I packed up all of my snowman decorations, thinking I would put those up when I took down the Christmas ones.  That’s kinda a lot of work though, to decorate twice for the holidays.  And frankly, when I’m done with the decorations, I’m kinda done.  Does anyone have any suggestions for how to do that better?  My initial reasoning behind it was because I had too many decorations to put out at once.   Maybe next year I should just put out a mixture of snowmen and Christmas and keep some put away.


Fall flower arrangements

I recently created three fall flower arrangements using silk flowers that I purchased from JoAnns.  After choosing which flowers looked the best together, I bound them up with florist tape and wrapped the stems in ribbon.  I made a bow for each vase as well.  One of the vases is in our living room, one on our kitchen table, and one in our upstairs hall.  I think they make a nice addition to our house!  Here they are, what do you think?

LED Holiday lights

Have you heard about these cool lights? I think the New Year’s Eve countdown ball in Times Square used LED lights in 2007. I guess that the LED holiday lights use less energy. Neat! If you act before January 31, 2008, you can recycle your old lights and receive a 10% off coupon for new LED lights through While I don’t know that we’ll be replacing our lights just yet, I would think it would be a great idea for those folks who make huge outdoor lighting displays!

Yard decorations

Now, we don’t put out decorations in our yard for Christmas and New Year’s, but there are many who do. These are various yard displays in our area. There were plenty of inflatables, several plastic manger scenes, and plenty of lights. I was afraid that I wasn’t going to get out to take pictures before people took them down, but my wonderful husband took me for a drive yesterday so I could take a few. Thanks, Tony! I’m adding some photos to my Flickr account as I write this.

If you have special yard decorations, please take pictures of them to keep them as a record for future years. Maybe you can post pictures of your own decorations, next year! So enjoy the decorations in my sidebar, and Merry Christmas! ( Note: even though “The Big Day” is over until next year, the 12 days of Christmas lasts until Epiphany on January 6th.)

Update: Because Christmas is over now, I’ve changed the pictures in my Flickr account. They’ll be even better ones next year to enjoy. 🙂

And you think your decorations are cool?

All I can say is Bravo! The folks who created this display, used 17,000 lights…inside their mobile home! That must have taken a lot of time. Some people can’t see the beauty in things like this, and feel the need to criticize about it. Well, I think it’s cool. It takes a lot of planning to get 17,000 lights into one small space! Merry Christmas and thanks for taking the time to put this together. 🙂

Have a Happy Second Life Christmas!

tony-as-santa.jpgMy husband Tony (that’s him as Santa!) has done a wonderful job decorating our Second Life house for the Christmas holidays. Thanks, honey! You have to have a Second Life account to view our house in SL. Here are a few photos of his handiwork:

nativity-scene_002.jpg nativity-scene_001.jpg candy-house_001.jpg

Zoolights at Lincoln Park Zoo


We shared a fun tradition with our friends and their kids this evening. We went to Zoolights at the Lincoln Park Zoo. What a magical wonderland! I can’t imagine how much time it took to set up all the displays and wrap the trees with lights. Talk about some people power! And all that electricity, too. 🙂 There were quite a few animals that we got a peek of too, including giraffes, monkeys, a tiger and a cheetah, and lots of fish. We had some cookies and hot chocolate in the Members Lounge, which is a nice perk of being a member. Before we became members at the zoo, I remember thinking, now why would a person become a member here, because the zoo is free? Membership, however, has its privileges, as they say. One of which is free parking, which is a big benefit. Members also get let in early to some activities I believe. There are even some things, like a member picnic, that are just for members and no one else. Plus, by being members, we help keep the zoo free for other people, who might not be able to afford it, if there was an admission. So, it’s all good! A fun time was had by all.  More photos in my Flickr feed.