Fall flower arrangements

I recently created three fall flower arrangements using silk flowers that I purchased from JoAnns.  After choosing which flowers looked the best together, I bound them up with florist tape and wrapped the stems in ribbon.  I made a bow for each vase as well.  One of the vases is in our living room, one on our kitchen table, and one in our upstairs hall.  I think they make a nice addition to our house!  Here they are, what do you think?


Fall is here

So that means that Halloween is right around the corner! I started decorating with silk flowers this year for the holidays.  I made up three bunches (purchased at JoAnns), wrapped the stems in ribbon, and plunked them into a jar.  I’ll take a few pictures and add them soon.  And it is time to start decorating for Halloween soon.  I can’t wait! What are your Halloween decorating plans? I’m always looking for good ideas, so feel free to comment!

Patriot Day – 9/11

A few days ago it was Patriot Day, otherwise known as the anniversary of the World Trade Center disaster.  What a sad time.  It’s hard to believe it has been seven years since that happened.  Since that time I’ve gotten married and moved…two big and very good things.  That was such a tragic day in history.

Great new website – holidayinsights.com

I’m a fan of Chase’s calendar of Events.  A BIG fan.  I love that book, with all of its descriptions about wacky holidays, birthdays, etc.  Yesterday at work I thought to myself “I like that book so much that I should buy myself a copy each year. And then I checked the price.  Like any good reference book that takes a lot of editing work, it was quite expensive…$64.95. Ouch!

I decided there had to be a better way to find unique holidays to feature on this site.  So, I spent some time on the Internet and found this gem:  http://www.holidayinsights.com. What a great website! Not only do they cover the biggies such as Christmas and Halloween, but also the  minor special days that I love, like “Wiggle Your Toes Day” (which was August 6 in case you missed it).  When looking at the big holidays like Halloween, be sure to check out the buttons at the top of the page for links to more pages on the topic.  I almost missed that spot and I would have missed a ton of information! Enjoy! Oh, and by the way, celebrate today, August 27 with “Just Because Day”.  It’s your chance to do something different, Just Because! If you do, please let me know about it in the comments.  Have a good day!

Tony’s Birthday Bash

We just finished up with a busy birthday weekend.  It was Tony’s 40th birthday, and every birthday deserves a celebration!  We had a small group of friends over for a dinner barbecue on Saturday (thanks for bringing stuff, guys!) and then went to a Medieval Times performance with Tony’s parents on Sunday.  What a great time both days were! We have lots of pictures which we’ll put up soon.  We’ll celebrate with my parents this weekend, and then Tony’s birthday will be officially over for another year.  Although it took a lot out of us both, we had a great time!

Book Review – Mrs. Muddle’s Holidays

What a cute picturebook!  I came across this one, Mrs. Muddle’s Holidays in the library yesterday.  Mrs. Muddle celebrates days such as “First Robin Day” in unique and interesting ways. At the end of the book, the kids celebrate “Mrs. Muddle Day”, a special day just for their favorite friend, with great fanfare! I would highly recommend this book. 🙂

Beauvais family 4th of July

Just about two weeks ago we celebrated the 4th of July with my family.  My brother and his family came in from Nebraska, another brother and his wife came from Pennsylvania, and my third brother and his family from Wisconsin. My sister who lives in Mt. Prospect was there with her boys, along with my parents.  Tony and I rounded out the group.  We congregated at the summer house (clubhouse) at Luther Village, where my parents live.  We ate, played ladderball, and he kids fished.  Tony helped the kids take the fish off their hooks when the hooks were too deep.  I think he had fun doing that!

After we had Beauvais family fun during the day, Tony and I walked around our neighborhood and took in the fireworks that individuals were setting off.  It was amazing, how intense some of those fireworks were.  They looked professional!  We passed out glow necklaces to kids that were outside doing fireworks, and they seemed to like it. A great day was had by all.